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The St. Omer family is well known in art circles and widely considered the leading family of painters in Saint Lucia. They may well be a unique artistic family anywhere in the Caribbean and the world.


The late Honorable, Sir Dunstan St. Omer (1927 – 2015), father of the family, became internationally known for his revolutionary church murals, his unique Black Madonna’s and many years of work illuminating the landscape and cultural life of generations of St. Lucians.  Lifelong friend of Nobel laureate Derek Walcott (Literature, 1992) and both of them students of the first major St. Lucian painter, Harold Simmons, he remained true, as Walcott did, to their youthful and ambitious resolve to……


“…put down, in paint, in words, as palmists learn the network of a hand,

all of its sunken, leaf-choked ravines, every neglected, self-pitying inlet

muttering in brackish dialect..” 

(Walcott, Another Life, 1972).

Continuing in this vein, St Omer Art Institute presents a unique Vision as an exponent of Art and Culture and the producer and retailer of the Finest Quality of Fine Art & Craft for sale and for export Locally, Regionally & Internationally.  

The institute also intends to provide training through Art Classes, Workshops and Seminars for the Youth, Artisans and the General Public while also promoting Artistic Activities and Events.

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